The Dig

Join me in THE DIG for wisdom because "wisdom is the under-rated necessity for your life and the guardian of your success." Every week I dig the world for the riches of wisdom because I need wisdom—for myself, my psychotherapy clients and my motivational speaking. In THE DIG I will share the riches with you because I love finding thoughts, quotations, stories, parables and insights that will help you succeed and be happy.

I promise that THE DIG will be concise, understandable and relevant to your life. It will not blame victims and it will help clear up the fog in your life. Wisdom is "light for the fog." Catch the light and join me in THE DIG.

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"Bob Beverley understands human nature and what really matters to you and me better than anyone I know. He has the ability to take your difficult, sad or tough day and cause you to find a ray of light inside yourselves when it seems there might only be darkness."

Kevin Hogan,
Author of The 12 Factors of Business Success

Bob Beverley is a very wise and wonderful person. His Ezine, now one of the more valuable Ezine's I read. Get it. It's called, "The Dig." All about... Finding Wisdom Now.

Kevin Hogan
"Coffee With Kevin Hogan" - Sept. 8, 2008
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